The growing opportunities of global ecommerce

Why let the global e-commerce revolution pass you by?

Ecom Global Systems enables traditional logistics and retail companies to join the global ecommerce market which continues to expand exponentially and rapidly across international borders. We are the only network which is entirely focused on global ecommerce affiliates and the development of their businesses.

Our web app portal enables affiliates to instantly connect to our global ecommerce programme which provides all of the necessary business support to process ecommerce shipments between our members and clients.


How we help

We help you to take advantage of a global market for your services which continues to grow and is estimated to be worth many Trillions of dollars for both B2C and B2B.

You will be able to find new customers, increase your competitiveness and improve your margins with our specialised services, including:

  • Understanding and managing overseas regulations
  • Dealing with Customs arrangements
  • Global tracking
  • Fixed fees
  • Returns management
  • Last mile delivery (from our regional hubs to your customers)
  • Insurance
  • Reselling

Global coverage

The three biggest ecommerce trading areas in the world are UK/EU, USA/CA, and China/SE. Sellers are put off shipping to many countries because the process can be confusing and expensive for the uninitiated.

Distributors are often intimidated by Customs requirements, DDU/DDP, and being able to track your products overseas.

Ecom Global Systems provides support with all of these aspects because we have the network and the advanced technology platforms which provide direct and immediate access to selected global ecommerce omnichannel markets.

We offer a range of solutions to our members which help you to manage your global shipping requirements efficiently and cost effectively.


A fantastic opportunity made easy

The world of global ecommerce offers great opportunities but many businesses are unwilling to stray from what they perceive to be a safe national customer base to international markets.

If you are an online seller it is time to embrace the opportunity to sell or buy your products on our eq8tor market platform. That is where Ecom Global Systems can help; offering a single solution to all of your global ecommerce and logistics challenges, managed via our web portal and partners.

Ecom Global Systems has created a network of ecommerce associates and we are here to help businesses with all aspects of their ecommerce operations from start-up through managed growth and expansion.

We are a membership based programme and all of our members benefit from shared knowledge and expertise. Networking within the organisation enables participants to grow and to secure new business.

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Franchises (Affiliates)

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Save your business from the headache of global returns with our seamless and cost effective eco-friendly Returns Management solution


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