Take advantage of our success

At Ecom Global Systems our objective is to offer our comprehensive and effective range of cross-border ecommerce platforms and programmes to a wide a range of customers around the globe.

Our Sales Referral Programme empowers capable sales professionals to take advantage of our continued expansion by introducing Ecom Global Systems’ high quality services to their existing clients.


Our sales referral programme offers a range of benefits

  • Satisfied customers – a great opportunity to offer our effective business solutions to your clients
  • Maximise your own sales revenues and commission with a further range of service options
  • Our bespoke online systems manage the entire process so it is straightforward and hassle free
  • Full confidentiality guaranteed
  • Take advantage of the expertise, growth and ongoing success of Ecom Global Systems

Are you a sales professional working in the global ecommerce sector?

Our unbeatable sales referral programme has been designed for successful sales, business development and consulting professionals who either know, or work directly with, companies which are involved in the ecommerce sector and those with cross-border business transactions.

Because the scope of our activities is truly international, this opportunity is available on a global basis.


How the sales referral programme works

If you manage or work in global and/or cross-border sales, and identify a business which we /you feel would benefit from one or all of our services, then we want to hear from you.

One of the major benefits of our Sales Referral Programme is that it is completely confidential, so you can share leads with us on a fully private basis.

The degree of your involvement is up to you and the full process is managed by our sophisticated online systems.

You can either provide the details of the potential client to us and we will follow-up or you can pursue the sale directly yourself. As soon as you register your client/prospect opportunity we issue you with a sales code which is unique to you. This allows us to track your sales activity and reward you accordingly.

Generous commission

However you choose to participate you will benefit from a generous commission which is based on the value of the service which is purchased, as well as the unique opportunity to offer your clients a range of products and programmes which will enhance their business practices now and into the future.
Commission is residual.

Get in touch

For excellent rewards and commission – get in touch with us today and we will be delighted provide you with further details of our Sales Referral Programme.

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