Expert global logistics management

With an established and extensive global network in place, Ecom Global Systems are absolute experts in the management of all aspects of global logistics including customs formalities.

What makes our approach unique is the combination of our bespoke and cutting edge technological solutions, combined with our global coverage and the expertise of our experienced team. Managing requirements on a case by case basis or on an outsourced basis, we are experts in international freight forwarding and all aspects of global ecommerce.

Whatever your global logistical requirement and however challenging, Ecom Global Systems can handle it.


The best support from the logistics experts

There are many excellent reasons to choose Ecom Global Systems for your global logistics requirements

  • Extensive global coverage
  • Local hubs in all major locations worldwide
  • Advanced technical solutions to manage all logistics requirements
  • Great communications to keep you updated
  • A highly experienced team

Proven performance

Ecom Global Systems has grown and adapted over the years to respond to the needs of our customers and provide an increasingly advanced and responsive range of highly technical and specialised services in a range of ecommerce sectors.

The effective day to day management of logistics is the foundation of our organisation and what we were originally established to do.


What we do

Our truly comprehensive logistics management solutions encompass some or all of the following services:

  • Distribution of a range of goods worldwide. No item too large or too small
  • Air and ocean freight
  • Full customs clearance support
  • Inbound logistics procurement and processing
  • A proven global platform to track and trace all items
  • Palletised or bulk storage in a our international service hubs – strategically located around the world
  • A comprehensive fleet of delivery vehicles with uniformed drivers
  • Fulfilment and pick and pack to food and pharmaceutical grade specifications
  • E-logistics management
  • Exhibition and Trade Show support
  • Transport, loading and unloading of containers
  • International and European Delivery, Collection and Distribution
  • Brexit Ready – for all contingencies related to the UK leaving the EU

More information

Find out more about our services, or get in touch with us for an initial discussion of your requirements today.

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