Reverse Gear takes away the hassle and expense of managing global returns

We advise our customers to embrace global ecommerce because of the huge opportunities available, but in our experience one of the factors that deters businesses from selling their products globally, is the requirement to manage returns.



Why choose Reverse Gear?

Simplify your returns with our bespoke cloud based returns solution:

  • Save up to 50% or more on your return costs
  • Backed by an expert team of logistics specialists with more than 60 years’ experience
  • Specialist software to manage the returns process speedily and efficiently
  • Seamless integration into your own ecommerce process
  • A great service for your customers with the peace of mind that everything is taken-care of
  • 60 carrier solutions in 80 different countries so wherever your customers are based in the world and wherever you need to return products to and from – we can help
  • Brexit ready to deal with any impact of the UK leaving the EU

E-commerce expectations

Modern consumers expect to be able to return items easily and efficiently as part of the online buying process so it is vitally important that your business has a managed process in place to deal with returns and reduce carbon footprint.


How Reverse Gear works

Reverse Gear is a cloud-based software solution which has been designed by global ecommerce experts. It manages every aspect of your return process on an international basis including detailed tracking of your items via an easy to use online interface.

Reverse Gear covers all aspects of you returns including:

  • Customs requirements
  • Repackaging
  • Redirecting
  • Reselling or donating to charity if required

If an item is returned by your customer Reverse Gear will ensure that it is diverted to one of our global hubs where it can be sent on to you or to another customer.

Because we deal with bulk items from many different countries we can offer excellent value for money compared to managing your returns yourself.


Reverse Gear - the environmentally friendly solution

Most companies are looking for ways to be consistently more environmentally friendly and to reduce their carbon footprint.

For every 10 packages that are returned, we will plant a tree to ensure reduced impact of negative carbon impacts. We only use recycled paper and cardboard where possible and plastic will only be used as a last resort.


Simplicity for your customers

Your customers will never know that your returns process is managed by a third party and our pre-printed labels make everything really straightforward.

If you do not want your products returned to you, we will re-sell them locally in our regional e-commerce hubs, or donate them or any profits to charity on your behalf.


Need more information?

Join Reverse Gear today – the bespoke programme which reduces your carbon footprint and offers go green processing.


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